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Diverse Applications, Most Complex Requirements

Backlash-free, metal bellows and elastomer couplings that compensate for misalignments, providing for optimum torque transmission in the packaging and labelling production sector, high-precision, maintenance- and installation-friendly locking assemblies for powerful ball mills used in the field of cement production, friction springs specially designed as effective pre-dampers for roller conveyors in rolling mills used in the steel industry – the range of applications of the premium-quality RINGFEDER® solutions customised for the application in each case is as versatile as that of technology itself. Whether we are speaking of processes such as separating, shredding, moulding, drying, mixing, conveying, refining, or further procedures used for the physical, biological and chemical modification of diverse materials: on the basis of its outstanding expertise and long-standing experience, RINGFEDER® offers tailor-made shaft-hub connections and shaft-shaft connections as well as damping elements in standard and special design, meeting the highest and most complex standards of process engineering – durable, reliable, economical, functional.

Friction Springs for Melting Furnaces in Steel Industry | RINGFEDER®

Maximum Performance at Maximum Load: Friction Springs for Melting Furnaces

RINGFEDER® has designed a special damping solution for the application in the arc furnace of steel works, which involves specific requirements as to temperature and load resistance. The melting furnace serves to melt very large and heavy parts of steel scrap (e.g. engine blocks), which fall into the melt from a height of up to ten metres. By the use of a variety of industrial buffers based on RINGFEDER® Friction Springs, which are provided with an absorption capacity of several ten thousand Joule, the drop energy generated is effectively absorbed, protecting the overall construction against damage. The complex development work specially focussed on the attainment of maximum functional reliability and zero maintenance at continuous furnace operation with temperatures of several thousand degrees Celsius. Because downtimes due to damage would cause great losses.

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