Torsional Highflex Couplings TNR | RINGFEDER®

Innovative, non-shiftable Torsional Highflex Couplings of the RINGFEDER® TNR series allow for the flexible adjustment of dynamic torsional spring stiffness – and thus a smoother start-up and a vibration-optimised operation of the entire drive train. The optimum matching of the coupling stiffness to the conditions of the respective drive train is achieved by the specific selection and combination of suitable elastic buffers. The couplings specially developed for use with combustion engines can move in all directions and therefore compensate for shaft misalignments of the machines to be connected in angular, radial and axial directions. Mounted between an engine and, for example, a transfer box, the modular couplings are not only ideal for construction machines such as excavators, cranes, crushers or wheel loaders, but also in all areas of power generation, including wind and hydro power plants, emergency power units or mobile generators, as well as in pumps and compressors. All couplings of the RINGFEDER® TNR series are highly compact in design, can be made puncture-proof by simple modifications and are extremely user-friendly in installation and maintenance.

Torsional Highflex Couplings TNR

TNR 2424.1

TNR 2424.2

TNR 2425.1

TNR 2425.2

TNR 2428.1

TNR 2428.2