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Comprehensive Solutions for Highest Standards of Mechanical Engineering

RINGFEDER® solutions such as powerful shaft-shaft connections, shaft-hub connections and damping systems are used in various segments of mechanical engineering. These solutions fulfil the demanding performance and functional criteria constantly required in the specific fields of application. This applies, for example, to the required longevity and durability, e.g. in the context of packaging machines, the required damping performance in the machine tool segment, or the required torsional stiffness in the printing press industry. RINGFEDER® offers comprehensive standard and customised special solutions for applications in the field of mechanical engineering.

Metal Bellows Coupling for CNC Lathe | RINGFEDER®

Highly Compact, Backlash-Free Metal Bellows Coupling for a CNC Machining Centre

For the use in a machining centre, which involves specific requirements, a customised RINGFEDER® metal bellows coupling has been designed. The primary customer objective was to manufacture an extremely compact and installation-friendly connection between the drive and the ball screw. For this purpose, a metal bellows coupling was selected, into the clamping hub of which a special bushing is inserted, thus providing for the required space in the interior of the coupling for mounting the locking nut.

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