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Efficiently and consistently working mechanical components were, are and will remain indispensable in the sector of drive technology – in particular in view of continuously increasing challenges with regard to energy efficiency, space and weight reduction, serviceability, electrification and power density. As one of the globally leading manufacturer of connection elements such as couplings, locking assemblies and shrink discs with the highest quality standard, RINGFEDER® continuously sets trailblazing impulses and technical standards. Whether you’re searching for highly specific individual or intelligent system solutions, a tried-and-tested standard version or individual special design: Our components always meet the highest requirements with regard to performance, reliability, safety as well as efficiency make RINGFEDER® the ideal partner for drive technology users.

Modular Bushing System with Shrink Discs | RINGFEDER®

Innovative Bushing System as Superior Alternative

The specific application of connecting the hollow shafts to the system shafts in the case of high-torque gearboxes of a leading manufacturer posed an innovative and complex key requirement: Providing for the flexible coverage of solid shafts in different metric and inch-based dimensions via one hollow shaft system without restricting the functionality and performance range of the transmission in comparison to conventional shrink disc connections. For this purpose, RINGFEDER® designed a special modular bushing system together with the customer, which allows for the generation of a frictional clamping connection of shafts with a range of different rated diameters and even less narrowly tolerated surface qualities – and all this providing easy and quick options for assembly and disassembly. The RINGFEDER® shrink discs also used for this system variant are manufactured of high-strength forged rings, in this way obtain maximum attain durability and, when dimensioned optimally, work in an absolutely wear-free and maintenance-free fashion.

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