Flange Couplings TNF | RINGFEDER®

Compact, highly robust, easy to assemble and maintain: The versatile and flexible RINGFEDER® Flange Couplings of the TNF series are used to reliably establish an absolutely backlash-free connection between two shafts by means of frictional locking. They are the more powerful and more economic alternative to conventional press fits. For assembly, the flange halves are simply pushed onto the shaft ends and friction-locked by means of shrink discs – the flanges are then also connected using a simple screw connection. Neither additional components such as keyways or wedges nor heating of the inner section or cooling of the outer are are necessary. RINGFEDER® Flange Couplings are torsionally rigid and are characterized by high concentricity as well as the admissibility of large shaft tolerances. In addition to highest torques, they also transmit occurring bending loads as well as axial and radial forces without wear and with high precision. Typical applications include gearbox, engine and plant construction as well as e.g. belt drives used in mining.

Flange Couplings TNF

Flange Couplings TNF 5571 | RINGFEDER®

TNF 5571

Backlash-Free, Frictional Shaft-Shaft Connection with Maximum Concentricity

  • 20 Sizes
  • External or internal clamping
  • Shaft Diameter dw: 70-540 mm
  • Outer Diameter A: 240-1,200 mm
  • Total Length Ltotal: 150-750 mm
  • Torque T: 6,900-2.2 Mio. Nm