Shock Absorbing Elements | RINGFEDER®

Flexible and versatile RINGFEDER® Shock Absorbing Elements of the DEFORM plus® series are proving themselves in a wide range of industrial sectors as powerful damping units for enormously high energy absorption. They are made of high-quality, specially developed thermoplastics and, similar to the function of an airbag, convert kinetic energy into deformation energy in the event of an impact. In this way, they reliably protect important, cost-intensive machine, vehicle or building components from damage or even destruction without any major design effort. DEFORM plus® Shock Absorbing Elements are available in single use and reusable versions as well as in various standard and application-specific special variants. They are also completely free of wear and corrosion, have an extremely low weight and meet the highest environmental and safety standards.

Shock Absorbing Elements

Shock Absorbing Elements DEFORM plus® | RINGFEDER®

DEFORM plus®

Shock Absorbing Elements DEFORM plus® R | RINGFEDER®

DEFORM plus® R

Shock Absorbing Elements DEFORM plus® R/RMP | RINGFEDER®