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First-Class Solutions for the Steel Industry: Stable Performance under Extreme Conditions

Extreme temperatures, continuous operation, huge axial and radial forces, heavy pollution, minimum installation conditions: In the field of steel production, for example drive components used in rolling mills or melting furnaces are exposed to extreme conditions which they must cope with to ensure a constantly high production quality and continuous process stability. Whether we’re talking about damping, coupling or locking elements, individual or system solutions, standard or special designs – all around the globe, leading users from the steel industry benefit from the top quality of RINGFEDER® products with regard to availability, precision fit, functionality, efficiency and durability

Friction Springs as Ideal Pre-Dampers for Rolling Mills in Steel Production | RINGFEDER®

Compact, Maintenance-Free, Powerful: Friction Springs as Pre-Dampers in Rolling Mills

In rolling mills of the steel industry, for example metal sheets, tubes and rails are manufactured from base products that are available in the form of bars or slabs. The blazing hot, extremely load-intensive rolled material must be stopped quickly, precisely and reliably in specific positions on the roller conveyors – a complex application situation which is perfect for the proven RINGFEDER® friction springs and industrial buffers. Since, due to the huge drive power of the roller conveyor drives as well as the enormous masses of the rolled material, top-quality, resistant pre-buffers with a correspondingly high energy absorption capacity are required. Industrial buffers and friction springs by RINGFEDER®, tailor-made to suit the respective application, are provided with tremendous damping performances at an extremely low weight and volume, are designed requiring zero maintenance, and ensure maximum operational reliability even under the extreme conditions that are prevailing.

Proven Standard and Customised Special Solutions for Drives of Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors in steel rolling mills serve to convey individual slabs or bars and are subjected to extremely high stress. This stress may be individual loads of up to 40 tonnes, uninterrupted operation, extreme heat, and a tremendous impact stress. This means the associated drive components also have to cope with maximum loads with regard to their functionality and resistance in order to ensure smooth operation without any downtimes, if possible. In hot mills, for instance, permanent standstill of individual rolled materials must be absolutely avoided, as the conveying facility otherwise may be heavily damaged by heat transfer and may fail entirely. RINGFEDER® offers a comprehensive, proven range of jaw couplings that compensate for misalignments, highly robust steel disc couplings and torsionally rigid gear couplings for the application in roller conveyor drives of different performance and operational environment in standard and special design – tailor-made, durable and powerful up to the highest torque ranges.

Robust, Durable Jaw, Gear and Steel Disc Couplings for Roller Conveyor Drives | RINGFEDER®

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