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RINGFEDER® Calculation Program

Online Calculation Program for Locking Assemblies and Locking Elements From RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION

In order to support you in the complex task of the right selection and correct design of a RINGFEDER® Locking Assembly or Locking Element optimally suited to your specific application, our online calculation program is available to you. This enables you to determine transmissible torques and other important functional values, taking into account various parameters relevant in practice.

Use of the Calculation Program

If you would like to carry out torque, hub and hollow shaft calculations, all you need is a valid user account for our website. If you are logged in via this account, the online calculation program can directly be accessed via the blue button below.

The program is also available for you on on the product pages of the RINGFEDER® Locking Assemblies and RINGFEDER® Locking Elements. If you do not yet have a valid user account, you can register here for free.

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Additional Calculation of Bending Loads

If, in addition to torque, hub and hollow shaft calculations, you also wish to carry out bending loads calculations, please use our contact request form to submit your enquiry directly, stating your user name since a valid user account for our website is mandatory also in this case. Once your request has been processed and you're logged in to our website, you will have access to the desired bending loads calculations here and via the product pages of the RINGFEDER® Locking Assemblies and the RINGFEDER® Locking Elements.

Should you have any queries or require further information regarding the registration process or the operation of the online calculation program, our technical and service staff will of course be happy to assist you. Contact us quickly and easily via our request form, by e-mail or telephone.