Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB | RINGFEDER®

High-strength Elastomer Jaw Couplings of the proven RINGFEDER® TNB series – once TSCHAN® TNB – convince globally in the most demanding heavy-duty applications by superior durability and functionality – for maximum operational reliability of the machines and plants of their users. The puncture-proof and torsionally flexible couplings effectively compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment and prove to be extremely robust against even the most adverse environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or heavy dirt and dust creation. Accordingly, they are preferably used in steel, rolling mill and cement plants, in mining and construction machinery, e.g. bucket wheel excavators, shredder facilities and tunnel boring machines, as well as in offshore technology. The torque is transmitted via pressure-loaded, oil-resistant elastomer buffers made of high-quality Perbunan or Polyurethane, which also absorb process-related shocks and cushion dynamic effects caused by acceleration of heavy masses. Dangerous torsional vibrations from the operating range of plant machinery are thus shifted to rotational speed ranges where no negative effects occur. RINGFEDER® TNB heavy duty couplings can be used in any direction of rotation and installation position and are available to users in a wide range of standard and special variants thanks to their modular design.

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB BH | RINGFEDER®


Type with Two Single-Part Coupling Hubs for Highest Torque Transmission

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB BHD | RINGFEDER®


Type with One Single-Part and One Multi-Part Coupling Hub

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB BHD-BS | RINGFEDER®


Type with One Single-Part and One Multi-Part Coupling Hub, with Brake Disc

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB BHDD | RINGFEDER®


Type with Two Multi-Part Coupling Hubs with Radially Removable Jaw Ring

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB BHDDV | RINGFEDER®


Type with Two Multi-Part Coupling Hubs, Ideal for Short Shaft Distances

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB BHDDVV | RINGFEDER®


Type with Two Multi-Part Coupling Hubs, Ideal for Very Short Shaft Distances