Elastomer Jaw Couplings GWE, TNM, TNS & TNB | RINGFEDER®

Our world-leading Elastomer Jaw Couplings of the RINGFEDER® GWE, TNM, TNS and TNB series originating in the proven GERWAH® and TSCHAN® series meet the highest performance and durability requirements in a wide range of sectors, e.g. the steel and metal industry, drive and conveyor technology, power generation, machine tool, packaging and printing machine construction as well as automation, control and positioning technology. The torsionally elastic couplings are puncture-proof as well as flexible in all directions – and therefore effectively compensate for axial, lateral and angular shaft misalignments caused by assembly inaccuracies or settling phenomena. Outstanding robustness and damping characteristics guarantee users maximum operational reliability, especially in applications with pronounced shock, alternating or vibration loads. Depending on the specific customer requirements, e.g. regarding the intended use, environmental conditions or transmissible torque, we provide optimally suited coupling solutions. The accompanying, easily exchangeable elastomer rings or buffers are available in different shore hardnesses.

Elastomer Jaw Couplings GWE, TNM, TNS & TNB

Elastomer Jaw Couplings GWE | RINGFEDER®

Elastomer Jaw Couplings GWE

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNM | RINGFEDER®

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNM

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNS | RINGFEDER®

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNS

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB | RINGFEDER®

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB