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Successfully Connected: Conventional and Renewable Energy Generation

Maintenance-free, precisely working locking assemblies for conveying units in the sector of solar panel production and for a large variety of hydro-electric power turbines, backlash-free metal bellows and elastomer couplings for the high-precision alignment of photovoltaics tracking systems, or torsionally flexible jaw couplings as shaft connectors compensating for misalignments in steam power plants and cogeneration units. Concrete examples that show: As a competent and reliable partner, RINGFEDER® supports users all around the globe from the fields of conventional and regenerative energy and power plant technology by providing tailored locking device and coupling systems – whether in the form of standard solutions, special, individual or system solutions. Ensuring maximum functionality, operational safety, service support and efficiency to our customers are always our top priorities.

Highly-Elastic Coupling Solution for Water Turbines | RINGFEDER®

Highly-Elastic Coupling Solution for Water Turbines

The sector of hydropower always uses special water turbines, often in the form of constant-pressure turbines and reaction turbines, for energy conversion. In this process, the kinetic energy of the water is converted to rotation energy via the turbine, effecting a rotation of the turbine shaft which, in turn, actuates a generator to produce power. For the functionally critical connection between the turbine and the generator shaft, customers all around the world for example rely on the unique RINGFEDER® TNB coupling series with radially installed buffers. The elastic, non-switching shaft couplings of this series are characterised by excellent damping properties and maximum torque transmission densities and allow for an extraordinary ease of servicing. In addition to an individual adaptation complying with application-specific requirements, the couplings can also be equipped with an effective overload protection function, if necessary, in order to reliably prevent potential damage of the generator.

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