Shrink Discs | RINGFEDER®

The high-quality original from the world market leader: RINGFEDER® Shrink Discs are flange-shaped, friction-locked shaft-hub connections and the more powerful and reliable alternative to conventional shrink fits, wedge, keyway or polygonal connections. In contrast to internal locking devices, e.g. locking assemblies, the pressure is applied from the outside to the hollow shaft or hub, thus creating an absolutely backlash-free, frictionally engaged connection between shaft and hub. The shrink disc is therefore not in the load path – instead, the torque is transmitted in a force-locking manner at the joining surface between shaft and hub without an intermediate element. RINGFEDER® Shrink Discs also convince through complete freedom from wear and maintenance, easy assembly and dismantling as well as outstanding resistance to alternating torsion and concentricity properties. Depending on customer-specific requirements, our shrink discs are available in proven standard and specially developed special variants, in two- and three-part designs as well as in stainless steel. In addition to torque and bending loads, axial and radial loads can also be transmitted.

Shrink Discs