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The RINGFEDER® Benefit for Pulp and Paper Processing: Differentiation by Quality

Continuing digitisation, stricter environmental protection and industrial safety requirements, an increasing intensity of competition – these are only some examples of the developments increasingly pressurising the pulp and paper industry as well as the manufacturers of corresponding processing facilities. In order to refine the effectiveness and reliability of value creation processes and to substantially differentiate oneself from competition, the use of top-quality, precise and reliably working machine elements and components is particularly important. Accordingly, industry giants all around the world rely on the outstanding locking device and coupling solutions designed by RINGFEDER®, which demonstrably contribute to a significantly increased operational stability and profitability by providing application-specific dimensioning, exceptional durability and extreme installation friendliness.

Vibration Damping, Misalignment Compensating Metal Bellows and Elastomer Jaw Couplings for Multi-Functional Plants in the Packaging Industry | RINGFEDER®

Comprehensive System Solution for a Multifunctional Facility

The production of labels and packaging, e.g. for everyday necessities, today is carried out in highly complex, multifunctional plants, integrating diverse pressure, punching and processing techniques. They mainly work in continuous operation and at a high productivity, the top priority in these processes being to provide for an optimum drive and synchronisation of the individual machining stations in order to ensure a permanently reliable and exact production process. In the plants of a globally leading manufacturer, this is ensured by cutting-edge servo drive technology, which, as a standard, is equipped with specially designed coupling solutions by RINGFEDER®. The pressure unit uses compact, torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings of the RINGFEDER® GWB series for zero-backlash, high-precision torque transmission in both directions of rotation. Within the punching unit, elastomer couplings of the RINGFEDER® GWE type, which compensate for misalignments, ensure the effective vibration damping of impacts caused by intermittent operation. Furthermore, the tailor-made RINGFEDER® couplings contribute to ensuring a stable and profitable production process, also due to their exceptional installation and maintenance friendliness – from the paper or carton line to the ready label or the folded box blank.

Large-Scale Precision, Reliability and Service Friendliness

For a highly productive offset large-format facility of a leading manufacturer, which is provided with a printing area of several square metres per sheet and a performance potential of approximately 10,000 sheets per hour, RINGFEDER® has implemented individually designed friction springs. The transfer drums used in the plant, transporting a print sheet from one printing facility to the next at high speed, have a huge dead weight that is consistently and reliably held in place in the system by the friction springs. Furthermore, friction springs provide for a precise and gentle sheet transport, as they effectively absorb the impacts inevitably occurring at the sheet transition. RINGFEDER® friction springs are generally designed in an installation-friendly, wear-free and maintenance-free as well as overload-proof fashion – and are therefore ideally suited to ensure effective, trouble-free and economic plant operation.

Specially Designed Friction Springs as Ideal Damping Components for Transfer Drums in the Pulp and Paper Industry | RINGFEDER®

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