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Your Reliable Partner for Performance

Our direction-setting, sustainable vision, mission and core competence, our defined values as well as our central customer promise influence and shape both the operative and the strategic actions at RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Learn more about our fundamental corporate philosophy.

Leading in Niche Markets for Drive and Damping Technology | RINGFEDER®

Leading in Niches

We are the international leader in niche markets for drive and damping technology. Under our strong brand RINGFEDER® we offer outstanding locking devices, damping solutions and coupling systems for the most demanding requirements in a wide variety of industries worldwide.

We not only provide our customers with expert advice based on almost 100 years of experience and expertise, but also develop innovative, tailor-made solutions together with them – with our aspiration to be Partner for Performance.

Our Central Customer Promise

As a competent, dependable and customer-oriented partner, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION guarantees users of its RINGFEDER® locking devices, damping solutions and couplings a safe, failure-free and economic performance.

Our Vision

Which fundamental principles and essential aspirations form the basis of our business activities? Who can and who do we want to be as an organisation both today and in the future?

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION is the global leader in niche markets for drive and damping technology and is valued for its customer-specific, application-oriented solutions, which ensure optimum facility operation for our customers.

Always a Competent, Reliable and Customer-Oriented Partner | RINGFEDER®
Precisely Fitting Solutions for Optimum Plant Operation of Our Customers | RINGFEDER®

Our Mission

How do we live up to our corporate vision every day and in the long term? What inspires each and every one of our employees to make RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION the international leader and RINGFEDER® the globally outstanding product brand in our target markets?

We invest all our energy in the goal of establishing our organisation and our RINGFEDER® products as the preferred solution instance worldwide – wherever, whenever and however users need to turn, move or dampen something.

Our Core Competence

With almost 100 years of expertise and experience, outstanding technical know-how, first-class product and service quality as well as extraordinary customer orientation still form the elementary basis of our corporate strategy today. We create needs-based innovations, set technical standards and provide ground-breaking impulses – with the goal of constantly ensuring convincing performance of our RINGFEDER® solutions.

This determines the core of our company and our products. It reveals what we ultimately stand for. And it unites what customers, suppliers, employees and the public associate predominantly with RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION and our offerings:


Our Core Competence: Performance | RINGFEDER®


We are also increasingly committed to values based on ethical and moral principles. There are very good reasons for this – because we know that thinking and acting according to these guiding principles not only contributes to positive corporate and business development, but also raises our core competence "Performance" to a higher, unique level. This enables us to achieve an even closer relationship with our customers, suppliers and other internal and external stakeholders and interest groups.

Our Values: Honesty, Fairness and Citizenship  | RINGFEDER®

Our Values

Complementing our core competence, our daily actions are characterised by three essential values:

1. Honesty
We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We stand by our promises.

2. Fairness
We try to see every issue just as much from the customer’s perspective as from our own, to achieve a win-win business relationship.

3. Citizenship
We accept responsibility for employees and their families, for our impact on society at large where we are present, and for the impact our operations have on the local and global environment.