Superior Shaft-Hub Connections, Damping Elements & Couplings for Highest Requirements | RINGFEDER®

Whether custom-made special designs or proven standard types, highly specific individual or holistic system solution: RINGFEDER® Shaft-Hub Connections, Damping Components and Couplings, developed and produced with the highest quality promise, set standards worldwide in the most diverse industrial sectors in terms of performance, reliability, safety and cost-efficiency. As a competent and professional partner for drive and damping technology, we combine continuous optimization with pioneering innovation for all products in our portfolio, always in the interest and to the benefit of our demanding customers. The superior performance of all RINGFEDER® products is both an aspiration and an obligation for us – no matter how, where and when forces must be transmitted or damped.

RINGFEDER® Shaft-Hub Connections, Damping Components & Couplings

Locking Assemblies | RINGFEDER®

Locking Assemblies

Locking Assemblies for Bending Loads | RINGFEDER®

Locking Assemblies for Bending Loads

Locking Assemblies Stainless Steel | RINGFEDER®

Locking Assemblies Stainless Steel

Shrink Discs | RINGFEDER®

Shrink Discs

Locking Elements | RINGFEDER®

Locking Elements

Friction Springs | RINGFEDER®

Friction Springs

Industrial Buffers | RINGFEDER®

Industrial Buffers

Shock Absorbing Elements | RINGFEDER®

Shock Absorbing Elements

Elastomer Jaw Couplings GWE, TNM, TNS & TNB | RINGFEDER®

Elastomer Jaw Couplings GWE, TNM, TNS & TNB

Metal Bellows Couplings GWB | RINGFEDER®

Metal Bellows Couplings GWB

Steel Disc Couplings TND | RINGFEDER®

Steel Disc Couplings TND

Gear Couplings TNZ | RINGFEDER®

Gear Couplings TNZ

Barrel Couplings TNK | RINGFEDER®

Barrel Couplings TNK

Flange Couplings TNF | RINGFEDER®

Flange Couplings TNF

Torsional Highflex Couplings TNR | RINGFEDER®

Torsional Highflex Couplings TNR

Safety Couplings TNT | RINGFEDER®

Safety Couplings TNT