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Toughest Conditions, Top Functionality and Reliability

The industrial extraction of raw materials of any kind such as coal, iron ore, copper, oil, gas or wood has been connected to rough ambient conditions ever since, confronting the machines and plants as well as their components with the highest strains: Uninterrupted operation, maximum depths and pressures, the considerable formation of dust and dirt, aggressive additives, extreme air humidity as well as extreme temperatures in the positive and negative range – conditions that are perfect for the robust and powerful shaft-hub connections, coupling systems and damping elements designed by RINGFEDER®, which are the first choice of leading users from the raw material extraction sector. Because even under the harshest conditions, they consistently benefit from the optimum functionality, exceptional consistency and excellent service support, whether they are using a highly specific special solution or an established standard product. The durable operational safety of our customers is a top priority for RINGFEDER®.

Elastomer Jaw Couplings TNB for Belt Conveyor Systems | RINGFEDER®

Functional and Consistent: RINGFEDER® TNB for Belt Conveyor Systems

Specially designed for the demanding use in the main drives of a highly productive belt conveyor system serving to transport the piece goods extracted in a mine, RINGFEDER® has implemented an exceptionally stable, user-friendly coupling solution on the basis of the tried-and-tested TNB series. Centrepieces that can be easily removed in radial direction, containing the elastic buffers, systematically facilitate the installation of the heavy drive components with confined spatial conditions. It is also possible to remove the gearbox from the side or vertically. Resistant, large-volume coupling buffers effectively ensure the transmission of the desired torque and an optimum compensation of axis offsets and linear expansions, which occur by heating or by the outdoor temperatures of up to -50° Celsius that are common in winter. A necessary replacement of the elastic buffers can be carried out quickly without the necessity of dismounting or shifting the motor, gearbox or further adjacent elements and can therefore be performed considerably quicker than with a conventional bolt-pin coupling. The selected RINGFEDER® TNB coupling also provides support to precisely synchronise the individual segments of the conveying system, which feature different lengths and speeds.

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