Barrel Couplings TNK | RINGFEDER®

High-quality RINGFEDER® Barrel Couplings of the TNK series earlier TSCHAN® TK are used in cranes and hoists to optimally connect the output shaft of the gearbox with the rope drum. Further areas of application, in which radial loads are transmitted in addition to torques, include lifting platforms, platform hoists and winch conveyors of all kinds. RINGFEDER® Barrel Couplings are torsionally rigid, easy to assemble and maintain due to the inner cover integrated in the flange, and effectively compensate for axial as well as angular shaft misalignments. They transmit the torque positively via steel barrel rollers, which are inserted in circular-shaped troughs and thus ensure safe transfer of occurring radial forces. The outer cover with special lip seal effectively prevents foreign objects from entering and lubricants from leaking. Moreover, the integrated wear indicator enables simple and fast condition monitoring.

Barrel Couplings TNK

Barrel Couplings TNK TKVO | RINGFEDER®


Application and Performance Optimized Type Made of High-Strength Material

  • 18 Sizes
  • Construction acc. SEB 666212
  • Bore Diameter d1: 20-440 mm
  • Outer Diameter D: 250-850 mm
  • Overall Length L: 95-450 mm
  • Torque TKmax: Up to 815,000 Nm
  • Radial Load Frad: Up to 490,000 N