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Key Components for Key Industries: Convincing Solutions for the Chemical Sector

The internationally most renowned industry sectors, for example the plastics, automotive, mechanical engineering and food industry, are strongly dependent on chemical supplier materials. Accordingly, the chemical industry plays a key role, its top priorities being to avoid cost and supply-critical downtimes, attain maximum process efficiency as well as maintain the strictest safety standards. As system partner, RINGFEDER® supports users from the chemical sector all around the world with drive and damping components, meeting highest functional and resistance standards in environments of extreme temperatures, heavy dirt and pressure as well as aggressive substances. Whether the customer requires compressors, agitators, pumps or fans, whether highly specific individual or intelligent system solutions are requested – RINGFEDER® offers perfectly suited couplings, locking devices and friction springs for manifold uses and diverse requirements of the industry sector, and, depending on the application, also based on special materials and specific production processes.