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Efficient, Reliable and Constant Packaging

Packaging processes in the pharmaceutical, medical or foodstuff sector are multifaceted and complex: Clocking, filling, transporting, sealing, labelling, installing are only some of the typical tasks of modern packaging machines which house a variety of components of different materials and dimensions. All around the world, RINGFEDER® coupling, locking device and damping solutions are used in packaging units for liquid, powdery and solid items and for cartons, bottles and bags – and substantially contribute to ensure a trouble-free and productive process sequence.

Stainless Steel Locking Assemblies for the Highest Demands in High-Performance Bottling Plants for Beverage Production | RINGFEDER®

Individual Locking Assembly Design for Special Requirements

Especially for the challenging application in a high-performance bottling plant with an output quantity of more than 10,000 bottles per hour, RINGFEDER® designed a locking assembly of the RfN 7012 series. This guarantees the customer an extremely reliable connection of the drive shaft of the flange star with the drive itself as well as the required transmission of maximum torques. Furthermore, the locking assembly was dimensioned in a stainless material in order to comply with the cleanliness and hygiene standards that are required in this field of application, even with regard to the resistance capacity to aggressive cleaning agents.

Simplified Dismounting in the Tightest Installation Space

High-performance RINGFEDER® locking assemblies of the RfN 7012.2 series are self-releasing: When the clamping screws are loosened, they automatically widen again and therefore provide the ideal solution where tight installation spaces are concerned as is typical for the field of complex packaging units. If the installation has been implemented correctly, the necessary dismounting due to the steeper taper of the inner ring can be carried out without the help of additional tools. The worldwide RINGFEDER® sales network consistently ensures the short-term availability of spare products and replacement products required for maintenance purposes to the users.

Locking Assemblies RfN 7012.2 with Simple and Fast Disassembly in Packaging Systems with Even the Narrowest Installation Space | RINGFEDER®
Input and Output in Packaging Machines Reliably Connected with Elastomer and Metal Bellows Couplings | RINGFEDER®

Reliable Connection Between the Drive and the Output

Elastomer and metal bellows coupling acting as a connection between the drive and output, e.g. for connecting a geared motor and a screw conveyor, are RINGFEDER® solutions that are typically used by customers of packaging units of any type and size. The backlash-free, high-precision RINGFEDER® coupling systems compensate for radial, axial and angular misalignment and, when dimensioned optimally, are wear-free and maintenance-free. All around the word, users utilise them to significantly increase the efficiency and service life of their packaging machines.

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