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Maximum Production Reliability under Continuous Load

Whether you’re dealing with packaging, portioning, dosing or filling foodstuff or beverages – the RINGFEDER® solutions that are perfectly designed for the use in corresponding plants and machines do not only meet highest requirements with regard to cleanliness and hygiene, but also comply with maximum customer demands with regard to the durability and therefore with regard to the prevention of cost-intensive operating downtimes. From the initial clarification of requirements to the subsequent commissioning process, including the customised specific design, we additionally support our customers by providing individual, intensive assistance. In this way, we ensure that only top quality and perfectly attuned RINGFEDER® drive elements are used.

Stable Resistance to Detergents with Stainless Steel Shrink Discs and Locking Elements | RINGFEDER®

Strong Resistance against Detergents

In close collaboration with a globally leading gearbox manufacturer, RINGFEDER® has developed a locking device that is highly resistant against the strain caused by detergents, connecting the hollow shaft of the gearbox to the output shaft of a conveyor belt used in beverage production. By selecting the suitable material and by the use of special screws, this special clamping connection has been optimised to meet the extreme stability requirements and specific aseptic and hygiene requirements. On the same installation space, the shrink disc now ensures constantly higher torque transmissions than a standard design of regular steel – to the utmost satisfaction of the user.

Perfect When It Comes to Maintenance and Installation

Our highly resistant RINGFEDER® shrink discs which can be specially designed for the application in plants and machines of the food and beverage industry provide for maximum continuity and reliability of your production processes. Whether we’re referring to the consistently high performance and high resistance or simplified assembly and disassembly tasks – costs and labour-intensive maintenance and service work are minimised and undesired production downtimes are therefore prevented. Even if possible operating errors occur during cleaning processes, perfect functioning of RINGFEDER® products is guaranteed.

Shrink Discs Ensure Maximum Reliability for Production Processes in Food Production | RINGFEDER®
Stainless Steel Connection Components for the Food and Beverage Industry | RINGFEDER®

High-Capacity Components for the Beverage and Food Industry

All around the globe, numerous leading manufacturers of machines for processing foodstuff and beverages rely on the premium quality of RINGFEDER®, e.g. in liquid dosing and liquid filling systems as well as meat processing and dairy plants. Typically, the latter requires the use of stainless shaft couplings in the main drives and locking devices in the auxiliary drives. Depending on customer- or application-specific requirements, RINGFEDER® offers a comprehensive portfolio of efficient standard and special solutions for stainless components.

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