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Depending on the specific type of power plant, e.g. coal-fired plant, cogeneration unit, solar thermal power plant, or a geothermal plant, thermal power plants produce electrical energy either via generated heat or using heat extracted from the environment. In this process, thermal energy is converted into kinetic energy first, by the use of prime movers, e.g. turbines or combustion engines, and is then converted into electrical energy via powered generators. Whether you are searching for a comprehensive system solution or a highly individual solution, the RINGFEDER® components manufactured with the strongest commitment to quality have stood the test as ideal connection elements in thermal power applications of varying complexity. In particular, this applies to our elastic jaw couplings of the RINGFEDER® TNB, TNM and TNS series which perfectly meet the diverse user requirements: The damping of torsional vibrations, compensation for misalignments, maintenance-friendliness, and safety.

Vibration-Damping Elastomer Jaw Couplings for Maximum Operational Safety in Thermal Power Plants | RINGFEDER®

Ensuring Optimum Torque Transmission and Vibration-Damping

Cogeneration units are modular plants for producing heat as well as electrical energy, making use of the principle of the power-heat coupling for this purpose. Essentially, they are based on a combustion engine driven with gas, diesel, wood, or other fuels. In simple terms, the motor powers a generator which converts the kinetic energy of the rotational movement into electrical energy. The heat generated during the combustion process is usually used for heating. In the precise application of a plant with a power of several ten megawatts, elastic jaw couplings of the RINGFEDER® TNM series are ideal for establishing the connection between the gas motor and the generator. They effectively and reliably ensure the torque transmission and, due to their universal flexibility, effectively compensate for both shaft displacements and unintentional torsional vibrations. Furthermore, the TNM couplings are extremely temperature-resistant, require very low-maintenance and are installation-friendly.

Reliable and Service-Friendly in the Steam Power Plant

Torsionally flexible, fail-safe jaw couplings of the RINGFEDER® TNB series consist of premium-quality cast iron and transmit the required torque via elastic, pressure buffers of perbunan or polyurethane. Their suitable use as shaft-shaft connection in the field of steam power plants has especially proved its worth due to their excellent properties when it comes to compensate misalignments. Furthermore, users appreciate the immense operational safety and the installation- and maintenance-friendliness of the RINGFEDER® TNB couplings. The damping characteristics of the elastomers for example provide the coupling with the capacity of minimising resonance increases when passing critical speed ranges and therefore of protecting the coupled plants from damages and failures. The coupling design in an intentionally modular fashion furthermore makes it possible for the users to quickly and easily replace wear parts such as the elastic buffers without any axial displacement of the plants connected, and therefore without any re-alignment of the drive train. Longer and costly downtimes are therefore prevented.

Superior Ease of Maintenance and Installation in Steam Power Plant Applications Using Elastomer Jaw Couplings | RINGFEDER®

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