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The global energy demand is continuously increasing and for its coverage regenerative energies, such as solar energy, are playing an increasingly important role – from both an ecological and an economic perspective. Whether we’re talking about a compact roof-top surface on a single-family house, or about an open-area plant with a large number of megawatts: Both in the production and operation of photovoltaics systems which convert the light of the sun into electrical power, the first-class shaft-hub and shaft-shaft connections designed by RINGFEDER® are ideally used in the form of couplings, locking assemblies and shrink discs. Reliable, user-friendly and economic - as a tailor-made special solution or a tried-and-tested standard solution.

Safe Hysteresis-Free Alignment of Solar Systems Using Metal Bellows and Elastomer Jaw Couplings | RINGFEDER®

System Solutions for Photovoltaics Tracking Systems

The performance or the yield strongly depends on the irradiation angle of the sun, which, in the ideal case, is always 90°. Corresponding tracking systems, so-called solar trackers, during the day therefore automatically align a plant towards the position of the sun. We distinguish between one- or two-axis designs: Whereas with the one-axis tracking system, the module field either only follows the setting angle of the sun in horizontal direction, or the solar orbit in vertical direction, two-axis systems can do both and thus produce the maximum energy yield. In the linear and swivel drives, mainly compact, low-maintenance RINGFEDER® metal bellows and elastomer couplings of the GWB and GWE series are used, ensuring backlash-free torque transmission and therefore a hysteresis-free alignment of photovoltaics systems of various sizes and types.

Zero Backlash and Precision in Solar Cell Production

In order to establish a frictional connection between the drive shaft and the belt wheel in the context of a high-precision conveying system for solar panels of various types, sizes and weights, one customer opted for RINGFEDER® locking assemblies of the tried-and-tested RfN 7012 series. They are characterised by their specially narrow design and perfectly meet the requirements with regard to zero backlash, quick and simple installation with confined installation conditions as well as maintenance-free and wear-free operation.

High-Quality Locking Assemblies as Ideal Connection between Drive Shaft and Belt Wheel in Conveyor Systems for Solar Panels | RINGFEDER®

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