Simpler, Stronger, RINGFEDER®: RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION Renews Brand Appearance

Nov 18, 2019


Dear customers,

Now it's time. Our new homepage has been launched on Monday, October 14th. Our new brand strategy, which we initially presented to our distribution partners at our international sales meeting in Prague in March, has been implemented in this website. The products of the ECOLOC®, GERWAH® and TSCHAN® brands will in future be united under our RINGFEDER® brand, which is the brand with the strongest global image. This underlines our position as a premium manufacturer. The RINGFEDER® brand guarantees reliable and customer-oriented, trouble-free performance worldwide. By uniting our brands, we can now give you a better overview of our complete product portfolio and a clear and uniform image for you and your customers. This will result in the following changes for the individual product lines:

ECOLOC® Locking Assemblies

The locking assemblies of our former ECOLOC® product series will be raised to the premium quality standard of the existing RINGFEDER® products, this will simplify the product range for the future. They will also be trovalized and individually packaged. The product descriptions known to you will continue, with the exception of the addition "RfN". For example, you will find the clamping set ECOLOC 7006 under the designation RfN 7006 in the future. The dimensions and guaranteed technical properties of the products remain unchanged. In addition, the usual RINGFEDER® premium advantages such as easier assembly and disassembly are now also guaranteed for these series. Please note that there will be a time of transition during which the conventional brands will be delivered until the current stock is exhausted.

ECOLOC® Couplings

The metal bellows couplings 5080 and 5085 of the ECOLOC® product series will in future be replaced by the higher-quality premium series of the identical couplings RINGFEDER® GWB AKN and GWB AKD, which we have previously marketed under the brand name GERWAH®. In addition to the generally higher quality standards, all these couplings will now also be labelled by laser for better identification.


All products known to you under the GERWAH® brand will continue under the premium brand RINGFEDER®. The elastomer jaw couplings of the GWE series will now be available as RINGFEDER® GWE, the metal bellow couplings under RINGFEDER® GWB and the line shafts GWZ under RINGFEDER® GWE Z, line shaft with elastomer jaw coupling, and RINGFEDER® GWB Z, line shaft with bellow coupling. The steel disc couplings of the GERWAH® and TSCHAN® series are combined in a RINGFEDER® series. The GERWAH® product is taken over completely and you will find it now under the name RINGFEDER® TND.


All TSCHAN® products known to you will also be retained. Again, in this instance only the designations are adapted. As a general principle, the brand name RINGFEDER® is added before the name you know. For example, the TSCHAN® TNS becomes the RINGFEDER® TNS. A deviation of this rule occurs with the steel disc coupling TND, formerly POSIMIN® coupling. Here there are new designations due to the combination with our GERWAH® Couplings, as already explained above.

A detailed renaming and cross-reference list for all couplings can be downloaded here:


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we will gradually switch our packaging to more environment-friendly packaging materials. If necessary, we will inform you about this separately.


If you have any questions or require further explanations, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff.

Yours sincerely
Thomas Moka, Managing Director/CEO