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GERWAH'S self-aligning coupling 'ICL' pursues a completely different approach which unites the advantages of a classic coupling and a clamping set. Even in confined spaces, the element establishes a compact, backlash-free and torsionally rigid connection between driver and hollow shaft. ICL offers the possibility to install the driving shaft directly in the hollow shaft while misalignments are compensated perfectly.

Backlash-free compensating coupling
Series ICL

Linear units manufacturer

Field of application:
Direct drive of mounted hollow shafts

The previous construction using metal bellows couplings as a connecting element required an extended installation space in the shape of a mounting dome. By setting aside compensating coupling elements and assembly by using a locking assembly connection axial misalignments (heat development) and radial shaft misalignments cause increased bearing load and therefore bearing damages.

The GERWAH solution:
The combination of a locking assembly connection with a shaft coupling allows the space saving assembly of the drive directly at the hollow shaft. A metal bellows balances radial and axial misalignments and reduces the bearing load. Numerous components and their related misalignment sources can be dropped due to the direct connection of the drive shaft and the supported hollow shaft. The installation of the coupling is possible with a minimal expenditure of time as it is mounted pre-assembled. Optimizing the initial load position relieves the ball bearings.


Further fields of application:

  • Automation industry
  • Linear units
  • Attachment drives
  • Materials handling technology
  • Robotics

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