• Friction Springs

    Friction Springs

    RINGFEDER® Friction Springs consist of separate conical inner and outer rings which stack together to form a column. Under compressive loading of the column, the wedging action of the tapered rings expands the outer ring and contracts the inner ring allowing for axial deflection and, therefore, absorption of the compressive load.

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  • Shock Absorbing Elements

    Shock Absorbing Elements

    DEFORM plus® and DEFORM plus® R Shock Absorbing Elements are made of premium thermoplastics and can absorb kinetic energy like an airbag. The non-reusable elements DEFORM plus® plastically deform and therefore must be replaced after each impact. The reusable elements DEFORM plus® return to their original shape and may be used repeatedly.

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  • Earthquake protection by RINGFEDER®

    Earthquake protection by RINGFEDER®

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