• Locking Assembly selection under bending moment load

    This selection tool can help you find the right locking assembly for your required bending load.

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  • RfN 7012

    RfN 7012

    Typical belt drum application

    The bending moment acting on the hub/shaft connection is the main load to evaluate in a belt drum or similar application. Excessive bending moments can cause overstress in the webs between the screw holes in the locking assembly. In the case of additional loads (bending moments/ radial loads) screw tightening torques may have to be reduced. To limit the influence of the bending load on the locking assembly connection we use the following criteria during the belt drum design process:

    - Shaft deflection from the bending moments can only have a maximum deflection fm < 1/2000 * L (bearing centre distance).

    - For the permissible bending load values please refer to our tables.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7012.2

    RfN 7012.2

    The new Locking Assembly series RINGFEDER® RfN 7012.2 is specially designed to fulfil the requirements of constantly increasing bending moments for conveyor pulleys.

    The challenge was to develop a product with the same dimensions as the standard RINGFEDER® RfN 7012 to fit into existing end discs – Attention: yield point of end disc has to be checked – so that also material handling equipment at hand can be upgraded. At the same time the Locking Assembly should carry a multiple of the bending moments of the standard RINGFEDER® RfN 7012.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7015.0

    RfN 7015.0

    For superb centering and high torque transmission, this dual tapered device reflects the best in RINGFEDER engineering expertise. This style is in two types, 7015.0 for general engineering applications and 7015.1 for conveyor pulley applications. Available in sizes 100 to 600 mm.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7015.1

    RfN 7015.1

    This version of the RfN 7015 is designed for high bending load applications such as conveyor pulleys, by providing lower shaft and hub pressures.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7515

    RfN 7515

    Especially for the bending moment transmission designed 3 part Locking Assembly with reduced stresses in the Locking Assembly itself.

    Special Features - Through the long and flat cones one Locking Assembly RfN 7515 can transmit torques and axial forces and bending loads. At mounting is a small axial movement from Locking Assembly and hub.

    Bending moment and radial loads – combined loads can be transmitted (Please contact our specialists for assistance).

    Excellent centering ability – with a relatively wide design.

    Example applications: Belt drums, gear wheels

    Product details and sizes