• 7061 ECOLOC

    7061 ECOLOC

    This two piece self-centering design is cost-efficient for medium torque applications. During mounting, slight axial displacement of the hub occurs. Available in very small sizes.

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  • 7003 ECOLOC

    7003 ECOLOC

    Two piece design with slit and single taper and without flange can be completely recessed within a component’s hub. Axial position of component not fixed and may move during installation.

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  • 7004 ECOLOC

    7004 ECOLOC

    Extended version of the 7003 allowing for use with smaller hub diameters due to the reduced shaft and hub pressures.

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  • 7005 ECOLOC

    7005 ECOLOC

    Three piece self-centering design for heavy duty torques.

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  • 7006 ECOLOC

    7006 ECOLOC

    Two piece design with single taper has flange to position the component on the shaft to maintain axial position during mounting.

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  • 7007 ECOLOC

    7007 ECOLOC

    Two piece design similar to 7006, but extended with lower shaft and hub pressures.

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  • 7110 ECOLOC

    7110 ECOLOC

    Low profile unit fits into hubs with smaller outside diameter and no axial displacement.

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